Abingdon 4 Education

The Manor Preparatory School is delighted to be part of Abingdon4Education, an informal arrangement between four renowned independent schools in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.  Abingdon lies 10 minutes north of Didcot which serves London by train in just 45 minutes.

St Helen and St Katharine, The Manor Preparatory School, Abingdon School and Abingdon Preparatory School, offer a co-ordinated approach to education for 2-18 year olds, boys and girls, combining the best of single sex and co-education environments.

The four schools share the same ethos as well as a close geographical proximity, providing parents with a perfect combination of excellent education for their children.

Joint Bus Service

In conjunction with The School of St Helen and St Katharine and Abingdon School, The Manor is very pleased to be part of the Joint Bus Service.  This is a network of coaches that run both morning and afternoon from all points of the compass.  Please visit our Bus Routes and Transport page to view a tube-style map.  Please visit the Joint Bus Service website to book your place or for bus stop times, locations and prices.