Out of School Care

Classrooms open across the school at 8.30am and children should be present by 8.45am.  School ends at 3.30pm from Reception to Year 2 and at 3.55pm for Years 3-6.  For Nursery timings please see our Early Years Foundation Stage page.

Breakfast Club, 7.30am-8am

For children aged 3 and over, Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am in the Food Technology Room. Children will be offered breakfast and at 8.00am they will be escorted to Early Birds. This service is bookable in advance either on a termly basis, or on an ad hoc basis by completing a reply form below or by emailing our Breakfast Club Manager, Mrs Liz Reed –  any time up to 8.00pm the day before.
There is a charge for this service. 

To make a one off Breakfast Club booking for your child click here.

To make a regular Breakfast Club booking for your child click here.


Early Birds, 8am-8.30am

For children aged 3 and over, Early Birds enables parents to drop their children off from 8.00am. There is no charge for this service. Two year olds who have attended PreNursery for at least one term and are considered to be settled by their Key Person may attend Early Birds by requesting attendance with Mrs Liz Reed via email  so that the necessary staff:child ratios can be put in place. You do not need to pre-book and children must be registered on arrival with a member of duty staff. Early Birds takes place in several locations, depending on Year Group. 

Early Birds Minis for Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception is in the Lower School Hall.
Early Birds Juniors for Years 1 - 2 is in The Barn.
Early Bird Juniors for Year 3 is in the Library.
Early Birds Seniors for Years 4 - 6 is in The Dining Room.

At 8.30am younger children are escorted to their classrooms and older children are allowed to make their own way. 

Children arriving on site before 8.30am for other authorised activities (sports clubs,
learning support lessons or music lessons) must be signed in at the School Office. This does not currently take place for clubs - the children are registered directly with the relevant club leader. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 may be dropped at the gate by the Head’s office or the rear car park gate and walk unsupervised to their classrooms, providing it is after 8.30am when classrooms are open.


Late Pick Up - Nursery to Year 2

Children in Nursery to Year 2 who remain uncollected by 3.45pm will be taken to Extended Day, where charges will apply from 4.00pm, please click here to see the current list of charges.


Homework Club and Late Pick Up - Years 3 to 6

This runs from 4.10pm – 5.00pm for children in Years 3 to 6. Uncollected children are automatically taken to Homework Club where a charge is incurred from 4.30pm. At 5.00pm any remaining children are taken to Extended Day where charges will apply, please click here to see the current list of charges.

Homework Club locations change termly. The current locations for Autumn 2018-2019 are as follows:
Year 3 and 4
Monday - 4S classroom
Tuesday - French classroom
Wednesday - 3P classroom
Thursday - 3E classroom
Friday - 2G classroom

Year 5 and 6
Monday - 5R Classroom
Tuesday - 6C classroom
Wednesday - Science Lab
Thursday - ICT suite
Friday - ICT suite


Extended Day, 3.45pm-6pm

This facility takes place from the end of the school day or after Homework Club until 6pm. Children are gathered in the Lower School Hall (Early Years children are escorted to the Pre-Nursery). Children are given a light tea after 4.30pm (unless they have been to Homework Club, in which case they should bring a light snack) and can then access both indoor and outdoor activities. A register of attendance is kept and a charge is made per session and added to your termly invoice. Children must be signed out with a member of staff.

To book Extended Day, please complete an online booking form using the links below or a paper from in the classroom. Regular arrangements can be set up in advance by contacting the School Secretary, Mrs Sarah Horrox. Mrs Horrox can also make last minute/emergency arrangements for you and is available on  or 01235 858458 or by email.

To make a one off Extended Day booking for your child click here.

To make a regular Extended Day booking for your child click here.


Change to End of Day Arrangements

Please call the school 01235 858458 to report any changes to your normal end of day procedure. If your child is being collected by someone different to the usual designated adult, please complete a form indicating who will be collecting your child and give this to your child’s teacher on or before the date in question. This form can be found on the website and on noticeboards and in cloakrooms around the school.

Please email any Extended Day questions to Mrs Pippa McConnell.