Art and DT

The children experience a wide range of creative activities in the Art and Design Technology Department. These include observational drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, textiles and various types of three dimensional skills (clay, papier-mâché, card and recycled materials). Sketch books are introduced in Years 3 and 4 to extend their knowledge and understanding of techniques.

We encourage the children to explore the world of Art & Design Technology using other media, such as the Internet, to support their work and evaluations of projects. The carefully planned progression of developing skills gives our pupils the opportunity to achieve high standards in their work.

We are delighted that The Manor has joined prestigious Artsmark Award.  Artsmark is Arts Council England’s award for schools who champion the arts and help to celebrate the school’s embrace of the arts across the curriculum including Art, Design Technology, Music and Drama.

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Young Art Oxford 2017 - selection of entries
Young Art Oxford Finalists 2016
Abingdon Rotary Club Photo Competition Finalists 2016
Art and Design Technology Work - Year 2 2014-2015
Art and Design Technology Work - Year 3 2013-2014
Art and Design Technology Work - Year 5 2013-2014
Art and Design Technology Work - Year 6 2013-2014