Maths lesson in school

Pre-Prep Mathematics

In Pre-Prep, Mathematics is an exciting and thought-provoking tool in which children learn about the world around them. It should leave them with the ability to reason mathematically and give them an appreciation of the power of Mathematics, and at The Manor we aim to do just that. We intend for our children to feel comfortable to take risks, think logically and feel confident to find alternative methods. Mathematics is taught through a rich and varied curriculum that focuses on securing children’s mathematical foundations on which they will continue to build upon as they travel through the school.

Concrete resources are used to support understanding and build a strong visual images of numbers. The children are engaged in practical activities to extend their thinking, whilst capturing their curiosity along the way. We want our children to understand that Mathematics is not just about sums, but developing transferable skills for life such as: problem solving, maintaining resilience and finding connections. We challenge children by offering them increasingly complex problems over time, in order for them to apply their knowledge, identifying links in learning and develop their understanding of how Mathematics is a critical tool when navigating through everyday life.

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