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Prep French

French & Latin

Prep French

In Years 3 to 6, with two lessons each week, the children expand upon the skills they learnt in Pre-Prep (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing). Whilst maintaining the fun of the subject, they begin to establish a soundly structured framework of elementary grammar and practise transferable language learning skills. They are taught with a variety of audio-visual methods using songs, games and computer technology, as well as traditional teaching methods.

Outside the classroom, there are special events in each year group to promote enthusiasm for the language as well as intercultural understanding:

Year 3: French Breakfast
Year 4: link with French Pen Pals for a year
Year 5: poems in French to focus on accent and intonation.
Year 6: 5-day residential trip to Normandy

Topics Covered Include:

Year 3 – greetings and simple questions and answers, nationality and the concept of masculine/feminine words, definite articles, colours, animals.
Year 4 – days of the week, months, numbers to 31, activities, clothes, means of transport, daily routine and hobbies (complex sentences with opinions), weather.
Year 5 – classroom items, indefinite articles, classroom instructions with imperative form, alphabet and spelling words out in French, numbers to 100, musical instruments, adverbs, agreement of colours, family.
Year 6 – where you live (location, description of house, furniture), French-speaking countries, numbers and time, subject pronouns, conjugation of regular ‘er’ verbs in present tense, places in town, vocabulary and rôle plays for trip to France.

Prep Latin

In the Spring and Summer terms, the Year 6 children are given a taste of Latin. Using the textbook ‘Minimus – starting out in Latin’, pupils are introduced to a real family that lived at Vindolanda (near Hadrian’s Wall) at the beginning of the second century AD. Grammatical concepts are introduced through comic strips and stories. An important aim of the book is to build pupils’ English vocabulary through the Latin roots sections. In addition to this, lessons are taught through games, drama and the use of the interactive whiteboard.

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