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student using a hand saw

Design Technology

Year 1

Design Technology is enjoyed by all children in Pre Prep and a progression of designing, making and evaluation skills are explored.

In Year 1 the children take part in design tasks, joining fabric and materials using different methods. They investigate a simple mechanism and solve design problems. The children are encouraged to evaluate their work and take part in some peer assessment through discussion. They also take part in food preparation and tasting activities linked to the topics.

Year 2

Design Technology is taught from Year 2 in a purpose built workroom with the Head of Design Technology. This gives each child the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and technical ability as they progress through each year group.

In Year 2 Design Technology is taught in half groups with one half having DT while the other half have Food Technology lessons. The classes then swap over at half term. Each class has one term of DT and one half term of Food Technology. The children gain experience and techniques by using a variety of tools and equipment to complete a wooden ‘Skills Board’ project. This will involve using: electric hand drills, pillar drill, hand saws, hammer & nails and making a wind-up mechanism and spinning top.

We are delighted that The Manor has joined the prestigious Artsmark Award and has been awarded the silver status. Artsmark is The Arts Council England’s award for schools who champion The Arts. As an Artsmark school we actively celebrate across the curriculum including Art, Design Technology, Music and Drama.


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