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Academic Results, Scholarships and Future Schools

Academic Results

The Manor prides itself on its excellent academic results but strongly recognises and acknowledges that these results are only a part of the depth and breadth of what pupils achieve at the School.

Our aim is to enthuse children with a love of learning and the desire to make the very most of all their abilities and opportunities, preparing them for the Senior School of their choice and, indeed, life beyond that. Please scroll down for more information on choosing a Senior School for your child.

Please have a look at the Year 6 assessment results below and how they compare against the national average.


In addition, our Year 6 leavers achieve a wide range of scholarships and awards to leading Senior Schools. Please click on the link below to view details.

Future Schools

Please click below to see the year 6 leavers destinations.

Year 6 Leavers' Destinations 2015-2019

Bedford Girls 1
Cheltenham Ladies’ 1
Cokethorpe 2 1 1 2
Cranford House  2 1 11
Downe House 31
Headington School 8 9 68 11
d’Overbroeck’s 1 2 2
Oundle School  1
Our Lady’s Abingdon 1 111
Oxford High 2 3 222
Pangbourne College 1  1 322
Queen Anne’s Caversham  1  2 121
Red Maid’s School 1
Rye St Antony  4 51
Sherborne 1
St.Helen & St.Katharine 25 21 223123
St Mary’s Calne1
St Paul’s London 1
Talbot Heath  1
Tudor Hall School 1
Wycombe Abbey 11
Wychwood  3
State Schools 1  3 433
Relocated    1    1   1

Senior School Information for Current Parents

For an overview of the application process and moving on to senior school at 11+, please download the document below.

For a summary of senior schools please download the document below.

The above documents were last updated in September 2019. The next update will be September 2020.

Transition to Senior School Evening

Please click on the following link to view the presentation given at our Transition to Senior School Evening in May 2019.

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