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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is an integral part of The Manor available to all children, staff and parents, with an ‘open door’ policy where everyone is welcome. We are fully committed to promoting early identification and support and our child centred, personalised approach acknowledges that all of our pupils learn in different ways. We recognise the need for pupils to have a positive and confident attitude to learning in order to ensure success in the classroom. 

Our Aims and Ethos

Working holistically, the main aim of the Department is to build each child’s self esteem and confidence to take risks and utilise their strengths in order to realise their learning potential. 

The Head of Learning Support and Specialist Teachers work across the school and strive to identify, understand and support any child who may have specific learning differences or additional needs.

We work closely with teachers to provide strategies in class and to promote active engagement to help children to work towards becoming independent and confident learners and to help them achieve their potential.  Staff receive regular training in all the key areas of learning differences.

The dedicated Cottage lies very much at the heart of the school, allowing for a graduated approach to learning needs. Specialist assessments and observations can be carried out to identify strengths and learning needs within a profile. Small group work to target specific needs and skills is provided by Specialist Teachers and Learning Support Assistants.  Additionally, individual lessons with a Specialist Teacher, which are personalised to the needs of the child, can also be recommended. 

The Cottage offers a welcoming environment where pupils feel sufficiently secure to take risks in their learning. The Department is extremely well-equipped, with children having access to the latest evidence-based learning resources. 

We like to think of the Cottage as a resource centre for children, staff and parents, offering support, advice and information for all. 

Joanna Hornsey

SENCO and Head of Learning Support

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