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School Fees

Fees at The Manor Prep School currently include all books, lunches, most equipment and all educational visits which take place during the school day. Additional, optional school activities, certain musical items, residential trips and specific additional educational support are considered extras. If you need to contact the Bursary please send an email or call 01235 858458.

For information on our fees please download our Fees Sheet.

The Manor participates in the Government’s Nursery Education Funding Scheme. Please email Mrs Nicole Burroughs or call 01235 858462 to find out how this could benefit your child for up to a maximum of 15 funded hours each week in Nursery and Reception.

The Manor accepts most major Childcare Vouchers and information regarding how these may be used can be found on the following two documents.

School Fees Refund Scheme

For information regarding the School Fees Refund Scheme please download the documents below.

All pupils are automatically included in the Personal Accident Scheme and this cost is included within the tuition fees.

If you wish your child to be included in the School Fees Refund Scheme, please complete the appropriate application form and return to the Bursary. The cost will be added to the school account each term.

Please read the leaflets carefully to ensure you understand the benefits that these schemes provide, and if applicable advise the companies of any existing medical conditions.

Early Years Funding

The Manor offers 15 hours of Early Years Funding and this is reflected in our two tier fee structure.

The Manor offers the following insurance scheme

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