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The Manor Prep school offers bursaries to benefit families who would not otherwise be able to educate their children at The Manor. These bursaries are not dependent on ability but the child will have an assessment which will allow The Manor to ensure that both the children and the School are able to gain full benefit from the Bursary.

The Application Process

Families are welcome to apply for a Bursary between 1 September and 31 December of the year preceding preferred entry. Applications are only accepted during this time and only for entry the following September.

Applications will be reviewed in January. By the end of February, you will either be notified that you have been unsuccessful, or receive an indication that your application has progressed to the next stage, although this does not carry a guarantee that an award will be made.

The next stage will include a home visit by an independent auditor and will take place in February or March.

Final decisions will be made at the end of March for a September start date.

Bursary places

Bursary places may be awarded to a small number of boys or girls according to financial need, and could cover either part or full fees. There are no residence qualifications although priority may be given to children from the local community.

Financial Requirements

The financial circumstances of both parents, and of any current partner of one or both parents, will be taken into account along with social security benefits and other financial details. These will include both capital and current income. Any awards made will be subject to annual review.

Proof of income will be required and applications will be subject to scrutiny by The School and will be examined by independent auditors, which will include a home visit. Applications will be treated in strict confidence.

How to Apply

In the first instance, please email the Director of Admissions and Communications, Mrs Nicole Burroughs, or call on 01235 858462 for more information.

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