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Student Council

School Council

We have two School Council groups at The Manor; one made up of pupils from Years 3 and 4 and the other of pupils from Years 5 and 6.

School Councillors are elected by their class at the beginning of each academic year. Candidates have to ‘pitch’ to the class giving an account of why they would make a good School Council representative. Two children from each class are elected. The representatives then have the task of gathering views and ideas from their class and presenting them in meetings with the Headmaster and Deputy Head Pastoral. Meetings take place twice per term. These School Council meetings are spirited gatherings full of great ideas, fun and much debate!

So far this year, ideas brought to the Headmaster’s office have ranged from the quirky (pleas for a school pug, a chocolate fountain for the Head’s birthday, a school ice rink…) to the very sensible indeed (requests for House Mascots, Cycling Proficiency courses, more time in the Library, more recycling bins…).

There are also certain favourite topics which always prompt great discussion; food (the children always have plenty of views on this!), clubs (some great ideas are put forward) and charity ideas (always pleasing to hear that the children are engaged with the needs of others).

School Council meetings are minuted and ideas and views are shared with the relevant staff member or department for consideration. Often ideas are added to the agenda for discussion in the weekly Senior Leadership Team meetings.

Recent School Council successes include:

  • The Peace Garden
  • Charity Fundraising ideas
  • The Manor’s Got Talent
  • The School Discos
  • The revival of Year 6 Forensics Day
  • Additional table tennis bats, balls and skipping ropes in the Year 3-6 playground
  • Plans for new play equipment

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