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“The Manor has taught me how to enjoy life and pursue my dreams. It has given me best friends and friendly teachers. To be leaving soon feels impossible: the Manor is a very special place.”

Anonymous, Pupil

“As a family, our journey through The Manor has been such a beautiful one. I will never forget the first day we came for our meeting with Mrs Heyworth who interviewed our daughter. At the time, she was 7 years old and yet could hardly read and write and had such little confidence but I knew that The Manor was the perfect environment for her… I am so very grateful to The Manor for the amazing values of confidence, self-belief, compassion, determination, ambition and resilience that has been infused in her over the course of the last 4 years.”

Mr and Mrs Maharaja, Year 6 Parents

“The Manor is a very special place. It challenges you to be the best you can be, whilst enjoying yourself and making memories that will last a lifetime. When I joined I didn’t believe in myself, but over the two short years that I have been here, with the help of the fantastic teachers – believe it or not, I have actually grown – in height and as a person. So when I leave, I will no longer be the child that doesn’t believe in herself.”

Sophia H, Pupil

“We love working here. Not only are the staff so welcoming, but the students share their views with confidence, curiosity and an eagerness to know more. This is a truly special school.”

The Hands-On Company

“I joined the Manor at the start of Year 5 and it has changed who I am in lots of good ways. I am now more open and confident and have grown a love of reading (I never liked it before!). I feel like I have more friends and enjoy my lessons every day.”

Nikita J, Pupil

“Knowing that our children are experiencing the best possible school they could be at, is the greatest feeling as a parent – so thank you, to you and your wonderful team.”

Manor Parent

“The Manor has taught me how to be me, helping me to make friends and work with different people. In my time at the Manor, I have learnt to respect myself and other people, as well as doing the best I can do! The Manor has taught me that in any situation, it is best to just be yourself!”

Hattie, Pupil

“The Manor has been amazing ever since our daughter Joined in Year 3. The school has exceeded all expectations we had and more! Our daughter has really reached her full potential. The Manor has been so brilliant in supporting her, she really couldn’t have done it without all the support she had from all of the staff. Our only wish is that she could stay on until she is 18! Thank you to everyone at The Manor.”

Mr & Mrs Yeung, Year 6 Parents

“The Manor has helped me develop my love of sport and gain confidence on and off the pitch. The PE staff helped me qualify to compete at the British Biathlon and has been really supportive of my county swimming commitments.”

Marnie L, Pupil

“… With your support and that of all the staff our daughter has come into contact with, she has been given so much care and encouragement and her confidence has grown enormously. Her determination has also grown, as shown most obviously in the result she has achieved with the offer of a place at St Helens”….“Thank you for allowing her to flourish and develop in the way that she has. It is a credit to the school, …. it is a very special place with a very special culture. Long may it continue!”

Manor Parent

“I love The Manor because when I was younger I was not that good at sport but the staff inspired me to keep trying. Now I am doing schools biathlon and will soon be going to Florida to represent GB in an international biathlon competition! I would never have believed I could achieve so much but the staff help all of us feel proud of our achievements, at whatever level.”

Megan P, Pupil

“The Manor has taught me to never give up and to always believe in myself. I am always encouraged to be my best!”

Anonymous, Pupil

“There is a particularly friendly and happy atmosphere at your school which is reflected in the alert confidence and liveliness of the children – I wish all schools were like that!”

John Harris - Guest speaker

“Our daughter misses The Manor so much! She frequently Skypes her friends there and talks often about how much she loved it… it really is one in a million!”

Mother of a family who relocated abroad

“You have done so much to boost our daughter’s confidence and self-esteem and she will take that with her for the rest of her life. She has been so happy at The Manor. She was made to feel so welcome and within a couple of days of being with you felt she belonged and was part of the school. She has loved every aspect of her time with you and all the opportunities you have given her.

I cannot speak highly enough of your wonderful school, your fantastic team of staff and all that you do for the children.”

Former Manor Parent

“Naturally we are delighted with our daughter’s academic and sporting progress but just as important has been the way in which the school has taught her the abiding values of kindness, consideration, good manners and generosity of spirit.”

Former Manor Parent

“It was like an explosion of senses coming into The Manor, with all the lovely colourful displays and sounds of happy children; there was a real buzz about the school”

A relative visiting The Manor

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, you really do have a wonderful team of staff who provide the most outstanding care. The warm and friendly atmosphere at Nursery is a joy.”

Former Manor Parent

“… The Manor is a wonderful school that seems to have got the balance just right… I cannot fault it… a wonderful, positive, caring, encouraging staff, great facilities, a manageable challenging age appropriate workload adapted to meet each pupil’s individual needs, a good balance of academics and extra curricular content that engages the children…”

Former Manor Parent

“… while visiting other schools… we realised just what a great balance you’ve achieved between academic excellence but also a warm and nurturing environment, together with super efficiency. Keep up the good work!”

Mother of a family relocating

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School Open

We have been delighted to welcome back all Manor pupils over the last two weeks.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately the school is still closed to visitors but we are offering individual virtual tours and an opportunity to “meet” the Headmaster each weekday and every Saturday by prior appointment. Please click here to make an appointment or if you prefer to call, please dial 01235 858462. We look forward to hearing from you.

For all other queries, please call 01235 858458 – thank you.