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Community Links & Charities

The Manor aims to help pupils think about how people really can make a difference to local, national and global issues through partnerships with local schools and charities, fund raising and presentations in assemblies by external visitors. By drawing attention to the characteristics of individuals and organisations that already show vision, compassion, dedication and generosity, we aim to inspire the children to believe they too, can really make that difference to a life.

The Manor encourages pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the School and the wider community and, as a school, we actively seek links with the local community.

We make our facilities available to the local community for children’s parties, meetings, music, sport and the arts. We also donate a Christmas tree to the local church. Local Shippon residents have access to the School’s tennis courts, free of charge, at evenings, week-ends and during school holidays. The School also arranges sports fixtures with schools both in its own sector and the maintained sector.

The School supports work experience with boys and girls from local independent schools and from schools in the maintained sector and encourages children participating in Duke of Edinburgh schemes to carry out activities on its premises.

Everybody in the school community is encouraged to become involved in fundraising. If you have fundraising ideas to support our work locally or in Africa then please let’s hear them!


Kapumpe Christian Primary School, in Zambia, uses a UK based curriculum incorporating Zambian culture, history, art, and geography. A strong emphasis in the early years is placed on work through play and developing independent thinking. The children are taught in English and are encouraged to express themselves freely and enjoy being who God made them to be. Kapumpe is a Bemba word which means ‘Eagles’. Their aim is for all the children to rise up from the poverty that entangles their lives and gain a fresh new perspective on life and the belief that they too can soar like an eagle!

Since 2017, we have been supporting Kapumpe and will endeavour to embed this charitable giving within the school curriculum. We hope that through the experiences and awareness, that the children gain through the African link, we can encourage them to become visionaries, with regards to charitable giving, in the future.

Charitable Giving 2020-2021

The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank – food collection for harvest. Our donation weighed in at a staggering 341Kgs!

Sale of Poppies for Remembrance – Total amount raised totalled £1,139.13, making us the biggest single fundraiser in Abingdon
Digital Cookbook – To date we have raised £510. £450 has so far gone to the following 3 charities: Keen, Children’s Air Ambulance, Blue Skye Thinking.
Movember – Mr Footring, Mr Chitty, Mr Jackson and Mr Read raised £1105 growing moustaches throughout November.

Christmas Jumper Day –  £312.53 raised for Abingdon NCT.
Christmas Cards – £213.50 for AT The Bus
Reverse Advent Calendar – 96 filled pencil cases donated to the Abingdon Emergency Foodbank to give as gifts for children at Christmas.
Christmas Carol Service and Nativities – Donations made directly to Kapumpe and St Helen’s Church in Abingdon.

Charitable Giving 2019-2020

The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank – food collection for harvest. We collected over 900 items this time!
Macmillan Coffee Morning £52.61

Remembrance Day – Poppy sales £132.62

The Children’s Society – Collection after the Year 1 and 2 Christingle £402.72
Oxford Children’s Hospital – Collection after the Early Years Nativity £390

Port Macquarie Koala Conservation Foundation – Cupcake sales £1535.73

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary – Mr Thomas’ Lockdown Haircut £2957.50

Charitable Giving 2018-2019

The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank – food collection for harvest. We collected 802 items!

Blue Skye Thinking –Loomstallation Cupcake Sale £1211.08
Remembrance Day – Poppy sales £60.90

The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank – Staff Reverse Advent Calendar
The Children’s Society – Collection after the Year 1-2 Christingle £327.94
Great Ormond Street Hospital – Collection after the Early Years nativities £400.51
Kapumpe School – Cookbook sales £300
Kapumpe School – Collection after the Year 3-6 Carol Service £450

The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank – Buddy Groups ‘little gift’ donations
Kapumpe School – Cookbook sales £40

‘Recycle with Michael’ Salvation Army – 334 bags of clothes collected

The Little Princess Trust – Molly B and Olivia A donated their hair to make wigs
Oxford Children’s Hospital – Early Years Hospital Hop £379

Kapumpe School – Book collection to stock their new library
Colombo Friend-in-Need Society – Grace M sold homemade cakes and lemonade and raised enough for two prosthetic legs for 2 young boys

Helen and Douglas House – £2260.06 raised via the School Fete

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