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Pre-Prep Humanities

In the Pre-Prep we teach Humanities in a creative and cross curricular way which actively engages the pupils. Children are encouraged to use a questioning approach and practical activities to deepen their understanding and skills.


In History, the students develop an awareness of the past, understanding where the people and events they are studying fit within a chronological time frame. Pupils study the lives of significant individuals and famous events in time. They are encouraged to look at similarities and differences compared to their own experience and family history.


In Geography, a curiosity and fascination about the world around us is encouraged through creative curriculum themed lessons. The children deepen their understanding of the world, the UK and their locality. We look at the vocabulary related to human and physical features, begin to use geographical skills to study maps and identify seasonal and daily weather patterns. The children study hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the North and South Poles and the Equator.

Religious Education

In RE, the children have the opportunity to explore stories from the Bible and Torah. They learn about the books, artefacts, celebrations and buildings which are important to people in the Christian and Jewish faiths. In Year 2 the children are introduced to Hinduism through the creative curriculum topic, ‘An India Adventure’ and learn about the festival of Holi. The children are actively involved in lessons through group activities, dramas and discussion. They learn to appreciate and understand the beliefs of others and how to demonstrate respect for each other including children in their class who may hold a different view to them.

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