From large inclusive choirs to scholarship level individual musicians, all children are encouraged to explore and respond to music. 75% of the children between the ages of 7 to 11 receive individual music lessons at school by highly experienced music teachers.

Formal and informal involvement in choirs, orchestras and a wide range of instrumental ensembles contributes to the development of commitment, motivation and teamwork. Our hope is that this will lead to a lifelong love of music in all its richness and diversity. 

Concerts and Performances

The concerts and performances within school and externally provide an enjoyable and integral part of school life. Termly events include Chapel, in which Chamber Choir perform a sacred anthem, ABRSM exams and informal concerts. Pupils also regularly perform at Open Days, in assemblies and at other internal school events.
Specific highlights each term include:

Harvest Festival, Carol Service, Year 1&2 Christmas Concert and Christingle, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception Nativity Plays.

Manor Concert, Year 2 Play, Year 4 Play, Oxford Music Festival.

Year 1 Play, Year 6 Play, Music Afternoons, Year 2 Concert.

Please visit our Photo Galleries to see photos of many of our performances.

Groups and Ensembles


  • 8.45am Chamber Group
  • 1.25pm Middle School Choir


  • 8.45am Intermediate Strings
  • 1:25pm Training Orchestra
  • 4.15pm Chamber Choir


  • 8:45am Junior Strings


  • 8:30am Music Theory
  • 8.50am Brass Group
  • 8.50am Clarinet Ensemble
  • 8.50am Guitar Band
  • 12.55pm Lower School Choir
  • 1:25pm Upper School Choir
  • 4.15pm Orchestra


We are delighted that The Manor has joined the prestigious Artsmark Award.  Artsmark is The Arts Council England’s award for schools who champion The Arts. As an Artsmark school we actively celebrate across the curriculum including Art, Design Technology, Music and Drama.