Year 4

Poetry Festival 2018

Year 3 - Year 4 Poems

Keeping Yourself Safe


Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools

Hazard Alley


National Gallery of Art

William Morris Museum

Virtual Tour of Galleries and Works of Art 

Ashmolean Museum

The Tate for Children

Create your own Abstract Portraits

Art History

National Art Gallery Interactive

Interactive exploration of artworks

An adventure in Art History

Drawing Animals

Interactive exploration of artworks

An adventure in Art History

Drawing Animals

Abstract Art (Mr Picassohead)


Computer programming

Coding with Scratch Junior

For more and fun games and advice for children relating to internet safety please visit the CEOP website.

8 top tips for staying safe online.

7 fool proof tips for beating cyberbullying.

What happens when you lie about your age online? Watch this funny video highlighting serious issues that are a potential consequence of lying about your age.

Quiz – Can you win the internet?

Design and Technology

Ashmolean Museum 

The Tate for Children

William Morris

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Imperial War Museum Duxford  

Design Museum

Science Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

Fashion & Textile Museum

National Space Centre






Reading Comprehension

Stories from other Cultures

Creative writing

 Story writing

 Silly stories

Letter Writing

Spelling and Grammar

Year 4 French Assembly

La Chanson du Non-Sens - Lyrics
La Chanson du Non-Sens (full version slow) - audio file on Sound Cloud
Je Suis une Pizza - Lyrics
Je Suis une Pizza - video on You Tube


Languages online (Australia) – Vocabulary Games

BBC online French – Vocabulary Games

Zim Zam Zoum – Animated Teaching Songs




National Geographic Kids

The Rain Forest

Amazon Interactive

Discover Antarctica

Passport to Knowledge

Kids Explorer (videos)

World Wild Life (WWF)

Jungle Photos

Kiddy House

The Living Rain Forest

Amazon Photos

Magik Birds



Volcanoes of The World


British Museum Ancient Eygpt

Tudor History

Ancient Egypt (2)

Show Me

The Rosetta Stone

Ancient Egypt



Abacus Maths

Maths is Fun


Maths Zone

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

Brain Teasers & Maths Puzzles


BBC Bitesize



Mindfulness in Schools Sound Clips


Music theory and notation games 1

Music theory and notation games 2

Aural games

Learn about composers

Compose Your Very Own Music

Music Note Game

Rhythm Game

Creating Music Block Game

New York Philharmonic Games

Orchestra Quiz

BBC Bitesize

Music Games

Religious Education

General RE ideas - RE Bitesize Highlights

Multi Faith Stories and Festivals

Story of the Nativity

The Easter Story

The Story of Joseph

The Story of Moses

Inside a Church

RE Multi Faiths


Click here for a list of some of the best science museums in the UK.

Circuits and Conductors

Energy Town

Changing Circuits

Circuits and Conductors

Learning Circuits

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Switched on Kids

Solids and Liquids

Heating and Cooling Solids and Liquids

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Teeth and Eating

BBC Bitesize: Teeth and Eating

Where are my Teeth?


Protecting the Environment

Earth Science


Interactive Science


Interactive Science

Light and Sound

Light and Sound

Interdependence and Adaptation

Animals and Us

Food Chains

Animal Classification

BBC Bitesize: Foods Chains

Touch Typing

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Type Online

Touch Typing Tutor