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Roche Court Visit

16th June 2015

children sitting in a row outside holding clipboards

On Wednesday 10th June, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Roche Court near Salisbury. This wonderful sculpture park is positioned on the side of a gentle valley in the middle of rolling countryside. Not only did the girls have over 60 amazing sculptures to contemplate but the curation of these works also drew their eye to the gardens and formal parks, as well as the stunning Artist’s House. The weather was dry and sunny, which made walking around the park a pleasure.

After a short introduction, the girls set off in four groups, each with an expert guide, who encouraged the girls to look carefully at and ask questions about a range of sculptures. They provided us with stories and background information with real enthusiasm. The girls were intrigued by Sadiq’s Cosmic Elephant and enjoyed relaxing on Peter Newman’s Skystation. The story behind Richard Long’s Tame Buzzard Line was fascinating and many girls found this the most inspiring sculpture.

The Roche Court team were delighted once again with the Manor girls. They really impressed both teachers and guides with their searching thoughts and ideas. All the girls contributed brilliantly to discussions, busily made notes and sketched what they saw. The questions they asked about the sculptures revealed very mature thinking. The day flew by and we were all surprised when we found it was time to go home.

The girls agreed it was a great trip, with much to enjoy and contemplate. It was a joy to share it with such fantastically well-behaved girls.

Mrs Sue Side

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