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Year 5 Greek Day 2015

30th November 2015

Greek Day at Manor Prep

On Tuesday’s Greek Day, the Main Hall was transported back to the year 490 BC, and in nearby Athens the battle of Marathon raged on. Whilst our chiton-clad bodies certainly felt the November chill, in our minds we were living the life of a Greek. The Year 5 girls took on the role of Athenian citizens and from the safety of the Agora awaited news of the outcome of the battle. The girls got stuck in, squeezing olives to get oil from which to light a lamp and creating herbal poultices to cure any ailment. They got to handle many authentic tools and materials, learning skills as apprentices in a wide variety of workshops. The afternoon brought lighter entertainment with the market place transformed into a Greek theatre and the girls rehearsing, and then performing, plays and dance displays. A number of ‘slaves’ served up a delicious and refreshing banquet, reviving everyone after their busy day. This fantastic day cemented the girls’ knowledge of the rise of Athens as a major power in the ancient world.

Mrs Liz McGill
Year 5 Teacher

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