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Year 6 trip to The Globe and The Tate Modern

29th February 2016

year 6 trip

Arriving at Shakespeare’s Globe, we were struck by how small it is compared to the modern buildings all around. Our tour guides took us into the auditorium, bringing to life the theatre of Shakespeare’s time, from the “penny stinkers” watching in the pit, to the grandest lords and ladies in the painted boxes nearest to the stage. We learnt about Heaven and Hell and special effects from trapdoors to cannons! In the Globe theatre company’s own rehearsal rooms, the girls were treated to an hour’s workshop on theatrical techniques and then tested their skills on sections from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After lunch we explored the delights of the Tate Modern; the building itself is a dramatic sight and we spent some time in the Turbine Hall considering the main installation (Empty Lot by Abraham Cruzvillegas), before exploring the other galleries, sketch-books in hand. Opinions were divided about some of the artworks, but all agreed it was an excellent day out!

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Mrs Fiona Lewis

The Tate and The Globe

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