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Forensics Day 2016

29th March 2016

Our Year 6 trainee forensic scientists leapt into action recently in response to the shocking theft of priceless silverware from the PE office. The House Sports Cup, last seen at 3.45pm on Friday 18 March was gone! With no sign of forced entry, an “inside job” looked depressingly likely.

The forensic team from Think Forensic was called to the scene of the crime at 7.30am on Monday 21st March. The PE office immediately found itself swathed in forensic tape. The shocked PE teachers watched in helpless despair as the trainee forensic scientists donned their forensics suits and masks and scoured the office for clues, took photographs and bagged evidence.

See the photos here.

Fingerprint analysis, shoe casting, chromatography, hair and fibre analysis, digital microscope exploration and advanced interview techniques took place over the course of the day. Regular briefings updated the girls on developments as results came back from the various specialist labs. The investigation finally led the trainees to the culprit – Mrs Horrox – after Mr Ramm and Mr Stepney were eliminated from their enquiries.

The impressive Think Forensic team comprising Jo Mallard (former CSI), Ann Griffiths (former Detective Inspector), Christine Wallace (Former Detective Chief Superintendent) and Debbie Lumb (STEM Ambassador) said, “Thank you for the opportunity to work with The Manor Preparatory School. The girls were delightful, attentive and keen to use their new-found skills to solve a complex crime.”

The girls were, indeed, brilliant, responding to the challenge with a mixture of excitement, tenacity and professionalism. Many decided on the spot that a career in forensic science beckoned. Their only criticism of the day was that the crime wasn’t gruesome enough!  I see that as a challenge for next year!

Mrs Evans (would-be CSI)
Head of Science

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