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That’s Rocket Science!

16th May 2016

As part of a national experiment to see what effect gravity or being in space might have on seeds, Year 1 have been carefully tending to some tiny seedlings on the windowsill of Mrs Willis’s classroom.

The seeds were on the International Space Station for six months, looked after by British astronaut Tim Peak. They were returned to earth recently with two astronauts. The seeds were then sent out to schools along with normal seeds that had stayed on earth. The children received red and blue seed packets, but have no idea which ones have been to space and which have not. The children monitor all the seeds and collect data from them which is then added into a national database. During half term it will be revealed which were the space seeds and if there has been any effect from being in space.

Please pop by and take a look in the 1W classroom. We can’t wait to share the results with you all.

**Update from Tim Peak**
The seeds that went into space with Tim Peak were… the blue packets!

Mrs Jessica Willis
Year 1 Form Teacher

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