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Fun in France!

17th May 2016

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Tuesday in Arromanches
Fog greeted us as we walked to a lovely breakfast of croissants and pains au chocolat but the weather rallied as we drove to Arromanches. Year 6 enjoyed a magnificent view from the area around the 360 degree Cinema then were stunned by the very moving and emotive film.

The roof top talk was equally informative against the stunning backdrop of the Mulberry Harbour remains.

After a short coach ride to Caen, the Memorial Museum proved to be both interactive and interesting.

Tonight will end with Robot Wars. This, we are reliably informed, will involve water and team work and nothing more sinister!

Mercredi in France

A rather soggy day was had by all but this did not deter us from having a great time! The market, this morning, at Flers was full of Manor girls trying out their best French to work in teams to buy an exciting lunch. The weather was not very kind but the stall holders were and once back at the centre we then prepared our creations (please see the photos using the link at the top of the page). Prizes awarded were for the most nutritious, most colourful, best engineering, best chopping, best animal and best salad choice! See if you can match the award to the photo!

The afternoon brought more rain but this did not deter the archers, the trapeze artists (no zip wire after all) and certainly not the canoeists! The cloud burst filled boats and shoes although the splashing coming from Mr Jackson’s boat before this meant that most of us were quite wet already!

The archers were expert and many bullseyes were scored. Whilst the trapeze looked terrifying, everyone conquered it including the intrepid (if wobbly legged) Mrs Evans who led by example.

Resilience was the name of the day!

Jeudi en France

After the downpours of yesterday, the weather was kind to us as we all participated in the remaining activities. Mrs Law managed some of the trapeze along with all her group while Madame Spikes found a new hobby in archery! The canoeists enjoyed the warmer climate although still came back dripping as they’d enjoyed a cold dunking! Mrs Horrox and Mr Jackson were a force to be reckoned with as they paddled the length of the river.

After a sunny picnic on the lawn we departed for the snail farm where we met a very friendly and informative snail farmer! Thankfully, the girls helped Madame Spikes translate the French for the other teachers and we learned all about the reproductive cycle of a snail even including hermaphroditism! Snail shells will be pride of place in your homes soon!

Our last night will include some packing, a room inspection and a disco. We are all excited to see everyone cutting some shapes on the dance floor. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow after a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry in the morning. Au revoir.  

Mrs Jane Williams, Mme Anne Spikes and Mrs Diana Gottfried

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Year 6 Success

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children who have gained places at a fantastic array of Senior Schools as well as being offered an impressive number of Scholarships and Awards – well done to all of them!

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