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Y6 Maths: The Great Cookie Challenge

23rd June 2016

We started the Cookie Challenge by giving out our jobs: Market Research, Finance, Design & Packaging and Project Pack.

Take a look at the video montage here

Once we had our roles we decided on our target market and went out with questionnaires and surveys to collect as much data as possible. We used this information to design two trial cookies that we then tested on our target market. The feedback we got from the taste tests was really helpful and we used it to design our final product.

We had to work out what ingredients we would use in our final cookie and what its design would be. We also had to decide how many cookies we would have in a box and what the packaging would look like. The cost of the ingredients was investigated, so that we could make the cookies for the cheapest price possible and ultimately make the biggest profit.

All the groups got to bake their final cookies in school and they all looked amazingly different and tasty!

Flo C and Miss Reed

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