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The Manor Poetry Festival

6th March 2017

This year we held the Poetry Festival for Years 3 to 6 for the very first time. 
There was a palpable buzz of excitement in the Main Hall as the school entered and the performers sat, waiting, at the front to begin.  Each child in the audience had learnt a poem off by heart themselves and we were now going to watch the few that had been chosen by teachers and pupils to be performed.

See the photos here

What an extraordinary mix of humorous and thoughtful, complex and simple, long and short poems there were; all clearly and confidently delivered by the girls without a trace of nerves.

Mr Damian Ettinger, Headmaster of Cokethorpe and our special guest, was moved and impressed by the standard of the performances and remarked especially on the confidence and self-assurance with which the girls delivered their poems.  He brought with him Scarlett, a former Manor pupil, who delighted the audience with her intriguing poem.  

Well done and thank you to all the girls involved.
Mrs Anike Chuard
Head of English

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