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Year 6 Forensics Day

6th March 2017

The annual Year 6 Forensics Day was its usual mix of exciting, crime-busting activities this year!

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The Year 6 children were surprised to arrive at school for a normal Friday morning to find that someone had taken Mr Heyworth’s car for a jaunt around the cross-country track and left it abandoned in the playground! But who would have done such a thing? It was down to our Year 6 detectives (with some help from PulseCSI) to solve the ‘crime’.
From start to finish, the pupils were totally engaged in the day. CSI Thompson led the pupils through the entire process of a forensic investigation, carefully teaching them the skills they would need to solve the crime. Finger print analysis, hair and fibre techniques and suspect profiles fascinated the pupils who were thrilled to be kitted out in full forensic kit straight away. 
The children undertook suspect and witness interviews throughout the course of the day. Dovetailed with forensics analysis, their enquires led to the final line-up of suspects and concluding questions from the pupils. A last minute call from the Forensic lab revealed the true culprit – Mrs Belcher! – in a dramatic denouement at the end of the day. 
We would all like to thank CSI Thompson and our willing victims and suspects , Mr and Mrs Heyworth, Mrs Williams, Mr Jackson, Mr Stepney and Mrs Belcher for a fantastic day!
Mrs Victoria Evans
Head of Science

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