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Paddling in the River Pang

9th October 2017

The River Pang trip is always enjoyed by our Year 5 children and when we woke to beautiful blue skies we knew it would be a great day, which did not disappoint!

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When we arrived at the River Pang, the children were split into 4 groups and headed off to enjoy a series of different tasks set out for the day ahead. As the trip was a part of our ‘Rivers’ topic in Geography, we sketched a meander within the River Pang. The leader from Rushall Farm went into the river to show us where deposition occurs on the inside bend and the erosion on the outside bend. The children were surprised by how much the river moves and how it changes the shape of the land over time. 
Later on the children enjoyed doing a pond dip and discovering newts, greater and lesser water beetles, a beautiful dragonfly and many other animals from the murky depths. This was a really useful activity to support our learning about different habitats in Science. Some of our groups also learnt about the importance of bees and their role in pollinating flowers. 
For everybody the most exciting and adventurous part of the day was a bumpy ride on the tractor trailer down to the River Pang and getting in the river in large waders! The children had the important task of measuring the width and depth of the river, as well as the flow rate. We also did a river dip and found Stickleback and Bullhead fish of varying sizes. A few of us got wet but we all were wrapped up quickly and changed into dry clothes! There were many smiley faces and lots of stories to tell! 
It was a great trip which was enjoyed by all, we arrived back with lots of helpful information to use in our river project. The hosts from Rushall Farm said how much they appreciated having us, well done to everyone for behaving beautifully!

Mrs Sarah Williams
Humanities Teacher

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