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Year 2 perform 'The Cardboard Box'

9th February 2018

What can you do with a cardboard box?

Year 2 showed us exactly what you can do with a cardboard box … and your imagination! We sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship surrounded by sharks with a sweet tooth, explored the pyramids to search for ancient treasure, climbed a mountain to play hide and seek with some friendly yetis, blasted off into outer space to discover a purple planet, took part in a jousting battle to conquer a castle on a hill and finally met the cool inventing crew and their magnificent inventing machine!

The children sang out brilliantly, speaking boldly and with confidence taking the whole audience with them on a fabulous journey into their imaginations. A fabulous play, well done to all of the children and staff involved!
Mrs Emma Gower
Head of Year 1 and 2

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