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Chinese New Year

22nd February 2018

The children in the Early Years have had a really exciting week celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have decorated the classroom with lots of lovely brightly coloured decorations and a Chinese Restaurant! On Monday the week started with a special visitor called Ling who talked to Early Years and Years 1 and 2 about Chinese New Year and the Lion dance. She then showed us some tricks and we were amazed at the disappearing water which then appeared again from the newspaper! Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception then enjoyed a ribbon dancing workshop which was energetic and fun.
On Tuesday afternoon some of our families from China came in to Nursery to make dumplings with the children. Everyone tried them and said that they were delicious! Emily’s Grandma is a whizz at making dumplings!
We have also had fun exploring tea with the china tea set, making and receiving lucky envelopes with gold coins, writing symbols and painting cherry blossom pictures. We have had visits from some parents to learn about the story of the New Year Race and have been taught the New Year blessing.
What a busy week learning about Chinese New Year.
Gung Hei Fat Choi!
Miss Laura Francis
Nursery Teacher

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