Y3 French Breakfast

19th June 2018

Jeudi 14 juin, les filles de la Troisième Année (et leurs professeurs) ont mangé leur Petit Déjeuner à la Française! Mmm… Délicieux!

See the photo montage here

Much fun was had by all and everyone came dressed up for the occasion. We had children wearing the colours of the ‘tricolore’, and also some more creative outfits such as a baguette, Marie-Antoinette, some ballerinas, a snail, three mime artists, a chef, a couple of impressionist painters and lots of very impressive French curly moustaches!

The children put on their best French accents to order their breakfast in French saying “je peux avoir de la brioche, s’il vous plaît?” or “je peux avoir un croissant avec de la confiture, s’il vous plaît?”, all washed down with copious amounts of ‘chocolat chaud’. They all spoke beautifully. Bravo, les enfants!

Madame Anne Spikes

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