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Maths Matters at The Manor!

5th March 2019

At The Manor, we are eager to promote a love of Mathematics! Using an array of games, practical activities and interactive resources, we hope to engage and inspire pupils, as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to apply Mathematical concepts. Children are encouraged to investigate questions, make Mathematical decisions and give explanations of how they reach their solutions.
Parents of children in the Early Years and Years 1 and 2 were provided with the opportunity to see Mathematics being taught in Reception to Year 2 classrooms. The aim was for parents to see the progression throughout the year groups and the numerous ways we try to engage our pupils in the subject. The morning allowed us to showcase the resources we use and hopefully provided parents with useful guidance to enthuse children. It was a great morning and the children appeared to be so engaged in their lessons, centred around the topic of Place Value.
Thank you to all of those that attended. We hope it was an informative morning.
We’re putting an end to “I can’t do Maths”!

Mr Harrison Read
Head of Maths

Where Next

School Closed

In line with Government guidance, today we are delighted to welcome back to The Manor all eligible year groups, as well as our Critical Worker children.

We are very pleased to be able to offer Virtual Open Days, with an opportunity to chat with the Headmaster, on Saturdays during the month of June so do please click here to sign up to join one.  If you have an admissions query please call 01235 858462 or email

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