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The Manor on the Slopes

30th April 2019

The Easter Holidays started with great excitement for 37 children from Years 5 & 6 as we headed off to Kaprun, Austria for a week on the slopes. After a very quick dash through Heathrow Airport we made it safely to our hotel and picked up our skis ready for our first lessons in the morning. 

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Following an early night, the morning started with the children heading up the mountain to meet their instructors. After a brief check on experience levels, the various groups split off to explore different areas of the mountain. The instructors were so impressed that every group started higher up the mountain as of day 2! 
The week continued in this fashion, lots of fantastic skiing in the sunshine with plenty of fresh powder beneath our skis. The instructors reported back each day saying how impressed they were, some going further saying that this was the best school group they had ever worked with! The advanced group were even taken down the mighty “Black Mamba” run.
It was a fantastic week, enjoyed by everyone.
Mr Neil Jackson
PE and Sport Teacher

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