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The Case of the Golden Ticket

17th May 2019

Whilst in Hymn Practice one morning, Year 1’s ‘Golden Ticket’ was stolen from the 1M classroom. Mrs Morley called the police.

They quickly arrived to investigate and the classroom was turned into a crime scene. PC Morley told us that he needed to take everyone’s thumb print to see if it was one of the children who had taken it. The children found clues in the classroom to help them think who might have stolen the precious Golden Ticket. The clues the children had to work with were a green wig, striped socks, glitter and the classroom whiteboard was splattered with orange paint. After checking all of our thumb prints PC Morley declared that none of the children were a suspect and that he was off to track down the Oompa Loompas who may have stolen it. Hopefully he could return our Golden Ticket.

The children really enjoyed trying to solve the crime and spent the rest of the day looking for clues around the school and quizzing Mr Thomas to see if he had anything to do with the theft! The children were delighted to have the Golden Ticket returned to them in the post from PC Morley the very next day.

Mrs Katie Morley
Year 1 Teacher

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