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Year 3 at Cotswold Wildlife Park

17th June 2019

On Monday 10 June the resilience of Year 3 was put to the test when they spent the day, in continuous rain, visiting the Cotswold Wildlife Park – home to more than 260 species of animals. However, they did not let the weather ruin the day. Using their map reading skills, the children enjoyed the challenge of orientating themselves around the 120 acre parkland viewing the animals. They also took a ride on Bella the Train and enjoyed interesting and entertaining talks about the different diets, habitats and adaptations of various animals such as meercats, otters and penguins.
One of the highlights was the Reptile House where the children came up close to one of the largest snake species (Green Anaconda) as well as the one of the world’s most venomous (Black Mamba). Linking in with our Geography topic, the children were thrilled to identify many animals from Mexico, including a pair of Morelet Crocodiles. They also braved the pungent odour of the giraffe house in order to view these amazing animals eye-to-eye! Spotting the elusive sloths in the Tropical House and the rare cloud leopard was a challenge. However, some did succeed!  

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