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Year 2 at The Earth Trust

4th July 2019

Year 2 enjoyed an action packed day at The Earth Trust, Little Wittenham.

The children had the opportunity to explore the long meadow grasses, sweeping them with nets to collect crawling, jumping and flying creatures which they attempted to identify using charts.

We then took a stroll down into the Witch’s Woods and learned about the fate of a greedy king
and his subjects, who were turned into toads and may still live in the woods today!  Time was then spent den building, toad hunting and more minibeast spotting ensued before heading back to base for lunch!

In the afternoon we enjoyed time at the pond, dipping our nets in the water and inspecting the pond life captured in our trays. Finally, we moulded creatures from clay to hide in the wild garden and collected some wild flowers to press onto a keepsake bookmark.

A wonderful day was enjoyed by all and an apt finale to our Year 2 topic ‘The Great outdoors’.

Mrs Emma Gower
Head of Year 1 and 2

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