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The Manor Equestrian Team Competes for the First Time

5th November 2019

The Manor’s Equestrian Team is delighted to have recently competed in their very first event. Natasha T, Tilly VP, Sophie H & Olivia C competed in various show jumping classes from 50cm-70cm as individuals. All of the children turned up looking immaculate, with polished ponies and shiny boots. There was a lot of excitement in the air as they watched the 40cm class from the gallery, and memorised the course of 17 fences.
Sophie H had the nerve racking position of being first up. She rode brilliantly, remembered the tricky course, and was clear in her first round so continued straight into her timed jump off, which is a speed test against the clock. She was unlucky to have one stop just 3 fences from home, but did a great job to get her pony, Dinky, over second time.
Olivia was next to go, and George, her beautiful strawberry roan pony, was a little over exuberant at the first fence and jumped it as if it was twice the size, launching Olivia up his neck to his ears! This is a very difficult position to recover from, even more so when your pony is still cantering! Olivia did brilliantly to cling on until she could safely dismount. Sadly, the rule book means that you are eliminated for a dismount, but Olivia put on a brave face and was allowed to jump a couple more fences.  She soon had a smile on her face again.
Tilly produced three immaculate double clears on the gorgeous Gizmo at 50cm, 60cm & 70cm, in only her second ever competition.  This is a fantastic achievement, and I doubt whether any other competitor achieved three double clears that day, despite the class sizes being huge (31 competitors in the 60cm, and 47 in the 70cm).
Natasha was unlucky to have the last fence down in the first round at 50cm, and had a few control issues as she was trying a different bridle on her speedy pony, Puzzle. In the 60cm, Puzzle jumped brilliantly and responded to Natasha’s request for quick, galloping turns which meant they finished 3rd in the class with a very fast jump off.  In the 70cm, Puzzle had a fence down in the first round, probably as a result of being a bit keen after whizzing around the 60cm!
The children were incredibly supportive of each other and really enjoyed their first outing together as a team.
By Mrs Katherine Taylor
Team Manager

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