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Bebras Challenge 2022

14th December 2022

Bebras Challenge 2022

This was the first year that the Manor entered Years 5 & 6 into the international Bebras Challenge.

The Bebras Challenge introduces computational thinking to pupils across primary and senior schools and is one of the main concepts of Computing.  The challenge was completed in Computing lessons.

All of our pupils approached the challenge with determination and bravery and this was reflected in their impressive results.

15 pupils in Year 6 were awarded a Gold certificate, which meant that they were in the top 10% of UK participants (106,703) and are invited to participate in the Oxford University Computing Challenge:

The Manor’s Year 6 average score exceeded the national average by 33 points, so a massive congratulations go to all Year 6 pupils and a special mention to Evelyn C who came and incredible 36th out of 106,703 Y6 participants!

Year 5 also performed very well with Emma R and Kristina R attaining Best in School.

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Year 6 Success

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children who have gained places at a fantastic array of Senior Schools as well as being offered an impressive number of Scholarships and Awards – well done to all of them!

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