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3SC Assembly

9th March 2023

Rocks and soils

3SC kick-started the week with their class assembly all about ‘Rocks and Soils!’

There was a new supply teacher at The Manor, Professor Joiner, together with his his able teaching assistant and an eager class of pupils, he took us on a science themed journey exploring themes including features of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, the transition of rocks to soil and a brief history of Fossil Hunter, Mary Anning. There was even a rock awards ceremony complete with red carpet and tiara for the winner – Sparkly Granite.

During the assembly we were treated to a rendition, accompanied by Mrs Pearmain on the piano, of ‘Three Types Of Rock’ which featured a very funky rock rap!

A huge well done must go to all the children who put so much effort into their rehearsals and final performance. We are already looking forward to the next Year 3 assembly in the Summer Term!

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