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The Manor is awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag

21st June 2024

We are thrilled to announce that The Manor has been awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag with distinction.

This prestigious accolade represents the culmination of a huge amount of hard work that a school must undertake to demonstrate its commitment to creating and maintaining an eco-friendly culture.

With the help of Team Green, teachers Mrs Gordon and Mrs Gillies worked through and evidenced actions to meet a seven-step framework provided by Eco-Schools, which was later reviewed by an assessor from the programme.

Accreditation not only acknowledges short-term change but encourages long term transformation through the provision of resources and support for staff throughout the year. The benefits of being involved in the Eco-Schools programme are vast with statistics demonstrating that teachers feel involvement increased pupils’ confidence and teamwork skills, as well as their understanding of the environment.

It is also clear that engaging with such a programme has inspired progress within our school:

You [The Manor] have educated, inspired, and empowered young people in your school, and they are now they’re carrying this passion into their homes and community, sharing it with friends and family.”

Congratulations to Mrs Gordon, Mrs Gillies, Team Green and all those who have supported this initiative along the way!

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