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GDPR Permission for leavers

School Shop Order Form

Minibus Permissions

Please enter the details of all adults authorised to collect your child from the Minibus

WhatsApp Group

Permission to Give Medication

If your child requires medication throughout the school day, complete the below form and give the medicine to the School Nurse.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Notification Form

Food Allergy and Intolerance Notification Form 2021

This form should be completed by the parent or guardian of pupils under the age of 18 and returned to the school.

PART 2: Parent/Guardian Acceptance

Whilst Holroyd Howe can provide meals which do not include nominated allergens, they cannot guarantee that dishes do not contain traces of allergens, as they will be stored and prepared in the same areas as nominated allergens. There is a risk of cross contamination on display counters, particularly self-service areas such as salad bars and dessert counters. Please be aware that while Holroyd Howe do not use nuts in any of the food they prepare and serve, they are unable to guarantee that dishes/products served are totally free from nuts/ nut derivatives, due to the use of precautionary allergy statements such as ‘may contain’ which are used by their suppliers. Once this completed form has been received, a meeting can be arranged between the catering manager, school and the parent/guardian to discuss your child’s food requirements in more detail.


I confirm that the information supplied within this document is correct. Any changes in my child’s allergy/intolerance status will immediately be highlighted to the school in writing:

Extended Day - Regular Booking Forms

Please give the names and emergency telephone number of three people authorised to collect

Extended Day - One Off Bookings

Breakfast Club - Regular Bookings

Breakfast Club - One Off Bookings

Permission for other adults to collect my child from school

Please list all adults who have permission to collect your child from school

Direct Debit Form

If you wish to set up a direct debit to pay for your child’s school fees, please print and complete the below form.

Direct Debit Form

Childcare Vouchers Application Form

To apply to use Childcare Vouchers to pay for your child’s fees, please complete this form. More information about this scheme can be found on the Fees page of our website.

Kindles/E-readers Acceptable Use Agreement

For parents who would like their child to bring an E-reader to school. Please complete with your child. Please see the letter on the Weekly Mailing dated Friday 12 March 2021 for more information.

I understand that: • The E-reader must not be a 3G or internet enabled model. • The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged E-readers. All E-readers must be clearly named. • Parents are responsible for ensuring books are loaded onto the E-reader at home and that all books held on the device are age appropriate. • Parents must ensure that the device is fully charged before it is brought to school. *
• The E-reader is my responsibility. I will make sure it is clearly named, look after it and ensure it is stored safely. If it is lost or damaged I understand that it is not the responsibility of the school. • My teachers may check the material on my E-reader at any time and delete any inappropriate books. • My E-reader is only to be used for reading and only at appropriate times. *

Cancellation Notice

If you wish to cancel your Parent Contract with The Manor Preparatory School within the 14 day period, please download and print the below document.

Cancellation Notice (within 14 days of Acceptance)

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Year 6 Success

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children who have gained places at a fantastic array of Senior Schools as well as being offered an impressive number of Scholarships and Awards – well done to all of them!

For more information,
please visit our Academic Results page HERE.