House Flags

House Captain Nominations

Voting for you House Captains is taking place slightly differently this term.
Please watch all of the below videos and presentations for your house.
Please then use the Google Form at the end to vote for your chosen House Captain – Enjoy!


Alys G (presentation)

Alys G (video)

Eilis W (presentation)

Angela X (video)

Olivia T (video)

Eagles click here to vote


Olivia A (presentation)

Falcons click here to vote


Saffy W (presentation)

Hawks click here to vote


Emma L (video)

Celina G (video)

Kestrels click here to vote

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Year 6 Success

Year 6 Success

Once again, our Year 6 children have achieved an outstanding set of results to Senior Schools with no less than 31 Scholarships and Awards received.

Every child is moving on to the right school for them, where they can continue to thrive and flourish; we are incredibly proud of them all for their hard work and dedication – congratulations!

For more information,
please visit our Academic Results page HERE.