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James Shone Talk

On Thursday 23 April, inspirational speaker, James Shone from the charity I Can and I Am will be visiting the Manor Prep School in Abingdon.

I Can and I Am was founded by James to inspire confidence and to inflate balloons of self-belief.

After a 16 year teaching career and having been offered a job as a Headmaster in 2012, James was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Following surgery, James lost the majority of his sight. Despite this, James, with his positive attitude to life and a sheer determination, turned his setbacks into springboards. As a teacher, this was at the heart of his pastoral message and his focus is now on spreading the message of ‘I Can & I Am’ to as many individuals as possible across the UK and beyond.

Using his life changing experiences, this truly inspiring talk promises to help everyone understand how to respond to serious setbacks, teenage anxiety and general lack of self-esteem. His relevant, challenging and amusing talk considers education today and offers advice on how to best navigate challenges that might be faced.

We would like to welcome The Manor and wider communities to join us to share this personal and passionate talk that has received high praise by both young people and adults.

Visit the I Can and I Am Website

Twitter: @JukesShone 
Facebook: @Icanandiam
Instagram: @Icanandiam


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