Pastoral Care

Our most recent inspection noted that pastoral care is “excellent”  at The Manor.  The school takes a pride in being a listening school and all members of the community are encouraged to talk freely about any issue.

Form Teachers throughout the school take exceptionally good  care of their pupils, teach PSHEE, lead circle times and are always available to talk to children and parents alike.  At lunchtime staff eat with the children and get to know them really well.

The School Nurse is based in a comfortable and colourful room from which she dispenses any medical requirements, good advice and plenty of TLC.  She supports the Year 5 and 6  PSHEE and Science programmes which include Drugs Awareness Day and an introduction to puberty.

Buddy Groups provide an extra layer of pastoral care in Years 3-6.  All children are placed in a Buddy Group of about 8 pupils from a mix of Years 3-6 which meets four times a term. When the Buddy Group meets, the children do unusual and fun team-building activities and form new friendships with each other and a strong bond with the Buddy Teacher.

The pupils in each group are always from the same House. The group is attached to the same ‘Buddy Teacher’ for the duration of their time at The Manor.