Harrison, Meet Harrison

8th September 2017

As The Manor Prep School opens its doors to a new school year, we also welcome two new Harrisons!  
Harrison Read joins The Manor as a Year 5 Form Teacher and will teach English and Maths to the older children.  Harrison is a keen footballer and will also share his great skills on the sports field.  Mr Read said of his new role “It is a real pleasure joining the teaching team at The Manor Preparatory School. I look forward to the amazing opportunities it offers”.
Harrison, age 7, joins The Manor as one of the first group of boys to take advantage of the new co-education news.  The Governors recently announced that from September 2018 The Manor will be extending its co-educational provision into Year 3, with boys being able to progress through the school to the end of Year 6 alongside the girls.  Harrison will join Year 2 and move up through the school with The Manor’s first mixed group of boys and girls going up to Year 6. Harrison pronounced on his first day at The Manor that “Everyone is really friendly here”.

Harrison Meet Harrison

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