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Pre-Nursery’s Trip into Town

19th September 2017

nursery walk
Pre-Nursery had an amazing time when they walked into Abingdon this week. The children saw and experienced so many things, all on one outing. They asked lots of questions about their surroundings in order to further their knowledge and worked well together to problem solve when Henry needed help to find the correct shade of leaf he was looking for. 

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Our team of little explorers saw squirrels, fed the ducks, played in the play park, saw a tractor close up and even met a community police officer who is now going to come and visit us at school with his van!
The children walked an impressive 2.9 miles without any tears and enjoyed a fabulous day in the process. We plan to repeat the trip as often as we can!
Miss Tracy Heath
Pre-Nursery Coordinator

Pre-Nursery Walk

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