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Mission to Mars

8th November 2018

We were delighted to recently host Dr Anna Horleston who is working for NASA on the InSight Mission to Mars. The objective of the mission is to safely land a seismometer on the surface of Mars to measure Marsquakes. Dr Horleston described how she came to work for NASA, by studying hard at school and university and how she became a Seismologist.
Dr Horleston also spoke about her work here on earth (and the moon!) and the many countries she has visited to measure earthquakes. One of the highlights of the talks, both to parents and to children, was the opportunity for the audience to make their own earthquake by jointly jumping on the spot and recording the findings on the seismometer.
To follow the progress of the InSight mission please visit, the landing is due to take place on Monday 26 November at approximately 8pm.

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