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Roche Court Sculpture Park

16th March 2020

Roche Court

On Thursday 5 March, Year 5 set off for Roche Court near Salisbury in high winds and driving rain – the weather did not look promising. However, the children were in good spirits and once there, the friendly and well-informed guides presented us with a fantastic day of activities that accommodated the less than preferable weather!

A quick snack and then we were off, exploring the stories and making behind the 60 or so amazing sculptures in this wonderful sculpture park. Positioned on the side of a gentle valley in the middle of rolling countryside, the curation of these works draws the eye to the gardens and formal parks, as well as the stunning Artist’s House. Our children were absolutely amazing, throwing themselves into the day with real enthusiasm and interest. They loved visiting the gallery and design house, playing games and exploring the sculptures.

The Roche Court team could not praise our children enough. They really impressed both teachers and guides with their searching thoughts and ideas. All the children contributed brilliantly to discussions, busily made notes and sketching what they saw (on waterproof paper!). The questions they asked about the sculptures revealed very mature thinking.

It was a joy to share this adventure with such fantastically well-behaved children. Thank you to them for a great day out.

Mrs Sue Side
Head of Art

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