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school children in food technology lesson

Food Technology

Cookery lessons take place in our designated Food Technology room and start with our children from Year 2. Every child in Year 2 will have one half term block of lessons in which they handle, taste, talk and learn about different foods and discover ways in which eating and drinking can help them to grow and keep healthy.

The cooking processes that will come into their lessons are: weighing ingredients, spreading, cutting fruit and vegetables safely with a knife, rubbing in, kneading and rolling.

We might look at a wide range of fruits making fruit salads, warm smoothie bowls or refreshing smoothies on a summer’s day. Maybe it will be scones with clotted cream and jam or cheese scones or even adventurous lemon drizzle scones. It could even be a trio of roasted vegetable houmous with a variety of crudité. The sky is the limit!

The lessons sometimes link to the curriculum as in a mango lassi linking to their topic work on India but they also encourage the children to experience new tastes and smells in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


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