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Students attending a food technology lesson

Food Technology

Children from Year 3 to Year 6 are taught Food technology in half classes termly in rotation with Design Technology. A wide range of activities are taught from basic skills to food origins to why our diets are varied.

There is a practical element to every lesson and, very importantly, a tasting session at the end. The main aim of the children’s lessons is to encourage a healthy relationship with food. To us here at The Manor, the most important thing is that children are happy around food and are keen to learn new skills and embrace new taste sensations.

We cover healthy eating; where food comes from – world food, food origins, farming and processing; food commodities – cereals, dairy, meat, field to fork; eat like an athlete – count on carbs, power of protein, fat for fitness, vitamins and minerals, hydration, brainy breakfasts.

Year 6 plant up our vegetable gardens with herbs and vegetables that can be utilised in our cooking lessons. They also chit, plant and harvest potatoes ready for their cookout in the summer term.

On top of Food Technology Lesson, we host the ‘House Manor Bake-off’ for children in Year 3 to 6. This is run each year in the Summer Term. This is a competition that is open to anyone who wishes to take part in the hope that they will win lots of points for their House. There are 3 rounds with the third round being a Showstopper Cake and we certainly get some amazing SHOWSTOPPING cakes!

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