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French Trip Video

15th June 2015

Mme Spikes has produced a very exciting video of photographic highlights from the Year 6 trip to France earlier this June. To watch the video click HERE. Thank you Mme Spikes!

The Manor Prep Combined Training Competition

10th June 2015

On Saturday 6 June, The Manor hosted the 7th Combined Training Competition (Dressage and Show Jumping). This was the first year that it was held at Lyford Stud, by kind permission of Richard and Carol Starkey and what a fantastic venue it was. There were 7 children from The Manor, sometimes riding more than one…

Music Afternoons

5th June 2015

We have recently been treated to some very entertaining Music Afternoons from Years 3, 4 and 5. Below are some of the photos.

The Pirates’ Treasure

4th June 2015

The Year 1 children have been having a marvellous time rehearsing their play The Pirates’ Treasure. The story follows a band of sea-faring pirates who are trying to solve the mystery of the lost treasure. But their treasure map is in pieces! Their adventures take them to the desert, the Arctic, the jungle and even…

Year 6 Trip to France

1st June 2015

Bonjour! Keep checking The Manor website and follow us on Twitter to find out how the Year 6′s are getting on in France. Monday 1 June A rather jolly but sleepy Year 6 boarded the coach to Portsmouth at 4.30am. Their coach driver is called Tom and he’s very friendly. Whilst waiting to board the ferry, passports…

Stratford Trip 2015

28th May 2015

This May, Year 6 embarked on The Manor’s annual trip to Stratford upon Avon to submerge themselves in the world of William Shakespeare. First stop was Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Gardens, where a young Shakespeare courted Anne, his future bride. With stunning gardens and beautiful original pieces of furniture, the cottage was a splendid way…

Second Hand Uniform Shop

28th May 2015

The Second Hand Uniform Shop (SHUS) will be open next on Wednesday 3rd June, 8.15am – 9.15am. We are always looking for quality uniform to sell. We require uniform of all sizes, for all seasons. All we ask is that items are in good condition, clean and labelled. Don’t forget that we also sell football boots,…

Year 3 visit Dorchester Abbey

27th May 2015

This May, Year 3 embarked on a day trip to Dorchester Abbey. Joined by the Abbey’s Education Officer, Margaret Craig, the girls entered silently and were asked to describe what they could see, here, feel and even smell once inside. During the morning the children took part in various activities including a tour of the…

Forest School

27th May 2015

Class RE visited Forest School recently with Mrs Gillies. We enjoyed learning the names of different types of trees during this week’s visit to Millets Farm. We walked through the woods and hunted for different shaped leaves which we then matched to the names of the tree. It was very tricky but great fun!

Isle of Wight Weekend

18th May 2015

The whole of Year 5 have been enjoying a wonderful trip to the Isle of Wight, here’s how they’ve been getting on: Saturday Lots of fun being had by all here on the Isle of Wight. Yesterday we had great boat trip from Alum Bay around the Needles and this morning we woke up to…

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